Introduction To Xerox Digital Printing Press

Among many Printing Companies in Kathmandu, Xerox Digital Colour Press is well known and established Digital Colour Press with wide varieties paper printing formats. In present world, mostly two most common commercial printing technologies are in use. The traditional “Offset Printing” and the latest “Digital Printing” technologies. And here we have tried to introduce the Digital printing for your convenience. Digital printing technology is getting popularity on these days as it minimizes many processes applied in the offset printing process, like developing plates and films for ink rollers and transfer them in paper sizes. Digital printing is easier and faster while performing printing task. It reduces many other activities like arranging color combinations, setting plates and so on. This is why digital printing would be faster and more accurate. The colour would be shining and more durable. There is no risk of color spreading as it uses the toner dust/powder.

We are stepping forward to introduce the latest technologies in printing colourful creations of yours within shorter turnaround. Sometimes delayed in printing your documents and worksheets could be the hurdles for your organization. We are here to assist you to handle your works. We would further shine your designs with lamination and binding too.

Perhaps, the most common question to you is, “WHEN SHOULD I USE XEROX DIGITAL PRESS?”