Xerox Extended services: Printing Press and Digital Publishing

We are constantly providing our services for your business promotion through both print media and digital marketing. Print Media and Digital Marketing both require attractive designs for your branding and speedy promotion. We focus on creative and conceptual designs to visualize your thoughts and needs. The professional quality in graphic design is one of the most important phenomena to the success of your branding and everlasting impressions. So to facilitate your ideas with fast and attractive way we have reliable professional team for your service. Your concept of would be clearly visualized in creative designing. No matter whatever your designing is.

After finalizing your design our process would be enhanced for either Printing or Digital Publishing as per your requirement. For printing, most of the printing companies in Nepal use offset machines. Among these printing companies in Kathmandu very less has the service of both offset and digital printing. Here, we operate both the types of printing presses for fast and quality printing as per the clients' need. We emphasis for high quality printing to shine your creative designing. After printing jobs we go for the post printing jobs including cutting, folding, lamination, binding, perforating and so on. We can deliver the final finished product to the client. Our clients' satisfaction is our ultimate happiness. We continue in serving the best of our services.